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  • High-Tech Nano Liquid Material] - Liquid glass screen protector is made of nano liquid,it creates an invisible/ultra thin coating film on your phone/tablet screen,It provides a full cover protection to your phone/tablet screen, it's a perfect replacement for tempered glass screen protectors.
  • [Universal] - Screen protector 100% compatible with any device including the iPhone X/8/ 7, Samsung Galaxy 9/8/7/6/5 Note8 and Other branded Phones, Tablets, Watches, Glasses, Camera Screens Lenses, E-Readers, Amazon Kindle, LCD Screens and more. Especially for curved phone screens.
  • [Bubble Free Application] - Liquid glass screen protector is easy for every one to operation, just apply it to your phone screen, avoids the frustration like other traditional glass\silicone screen protectors. After easy wipe on application, it becomes 100% invisible, undetectable, bubble free and does NOT interfere with the functionality of your screen.
  • [Ultimate Protection] - Liquid Nano technology creates an invisible protective coating and will enhance any screen to maximum 9H diamond hardness. User friendly design, free stickness, no harm to screen,no impact on 3D touch and fingerprint/face recognition.
  • [Easy to Apply] - Single application by initially setting soft end of product stick onto the screen. Liquid Nano dries to a high gloss, ensuring maximum optical clarity. Experience Unmatched result with our Liquid screen protector as well as a smooth, easy application process.

Our KS colour is certified:

  • Non-Toxic
  • Safe For Children
  • Conforms to International Safety Standard EN71

* BPA FREE: This pretends gardening set is made with BPA-FREE Eco-friendly materials. Non-toxic, smooth surface. 

* Easy to Clean: It could be washed with water. It also could be washed in a dishwasher.


Easy to assemble, Total dimensions after layout is 58 x 27 cm. 



Proses pesanan ambil masa 1-3 hari waktu bekerja

Pesanan terakhir pada pukul 7.00 pagi setiap hari dari Isnin - Jumaat. Pesanan yang di terima selepas pukul 7.00 pagi akan di proses pada hari berikutnya.### Pesanan selepas pukul 7.00 pagi pada hari Jumaat akan diposkan pada hari Isnin berikutnya.



Suitable for 3 years and above.

The package contains small parts that are choking hazards. 

Use under adult supervision.



Maintenance tips: Please clean with soft cloth, do not use powder or metal brushes, lest it cause scars. - do not rinse with hot water, do not soak for long periods、 sunburn. - dry with cloth after use, keep it in a cool place, to prevent deformation and crack.

  • Accessories: includes a sound and light mirror, ring, necklace, bracelets, toy hair dryer and much more.
  • 3 in 1: portable suitcase, dresser, box.
  • Suitcase size: 21 * 16 * 32cm, made of safe and durable plastic.
  • children let their creativity and imagination run free.
  • Easy to transport and to assemble.

his Product develop the kid intelligence, creativity, imagination & patience

Exercise kids ability, cultivate hand-eye coordination.

Made from Eco-friendly ABS plastic •Vibrant Colours blocks, Stylish design

Good for intelligence development •Durable •Suitable for kids's birthday present Features: High quality - Durable & non-toxic for play Creative

Product Description : 

1) 260pcs blocks set .Weight 0,65kg L24cm x H14cm x W18cm

2) 360pcs block set  .Weight 0,85kg L24cm x H18cm x W18cm

3) 520 pcs block set .Weight 1,1kg L24cm x H25cm x W18cm


 *Please allow 1- 2cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.

Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color which is showed on the pictures. *

*Children under 4 years of age recommend parental supervision when playing


Buku Analisis Data Kualitatif dengan ATLAS.ti 8 ini memberi tumpuan kepada tiga projek kajian kualitatif sebagai asas memahami aplikasi ATLAS.ti 8 bagi memberikan senario situasi kajian sebenar. Kajian kualitatif sebagaimana kajian kuantitatif juga adalah satu pendekatan yang sangat penting khususnya dalam kajian sains sosial. Kajian ini penting kerana keupayaannya mengupas secara mendalam data subjektif berbentuk seperti temu bual, nota lapangan, rakaman suara, video, foto, dokumen dan online discourse bagi mentafsir pendapat, persepsi dan persetujuan. Computer Aided Qualitative Data Analysis (CAQDAS) merujuk kepada perisian computer untuk menganalisis data kualitatif. Terdapat beberapa contoh CAQDAS di pasaran seperti AS.ti, NVivo, MAXqda, Qualrus dan lain-lain lagi. Buku ini memperkenalkan ATLAS.ti 8 sebagai satu lagi alternatif kepada mereka yang berminat untuk membuat kajian kualitatif dengan perisian ini. ATLAS.ti 8 sebagaimana CAQDAS yang lain dibina untuk membantu penyelidik membongkar secara sistematik kisah di sebalik data kualitatif. Penulis mengekalkan istilah bahasa lnggeris dalam buku ini bertujuan untuk memudahkan pemahaman dan memastikan istilah tersebut menepati penggunaannya dalam ATLAS.ti 8 sendiri

Terbitan: Penerbit UPM
Muka surat: 124
Penulis: Othman Talib
Tahun terbit: 2019

Proses pesanan ambil masa 1-3 hari waktu bekerja
■Resit akan di emailkan atas permintaan, Sila buat 'remark' dalam ruangan "Note@Nota" ketika buat pesanan atau DM##
■Pesanan terakhir pada pukul 7.00 pagi setiap hari dari Isnin - Jumaat. Pesanan yang di terima selepas pukul 7.00 pagi akan di proses pada hari berikutnya.### Pesanan selepas pukul 7.00 pagi pada hari Jumaat akan diposkan pada hari Isnin berikutnya.


Fabric name: Chemical fiber blending
Main fabric composition: nylon/nylon
Content of main fabric components: 81%-90%

Product description:
1. Simple design, suitable for various characters
2. waist support, Butt extension, body shaping, tummy Control
3. Select high-quality fabrics, wear more skin-friendly and comfortable


1.Enhance Sweating:

fat burner design neoprene slimming pants keeps your thigh warm and heats up your core abdominal area making you sweat 4 times more than usual, to burn more calories & tummy fat and to remove toxin while sweating.

2.Quick, Lazy & Economic Way of Lose Fat.

3.Perfect Equipment for Sports & Daily Shaper Under Bottom.

Size:M - L
M 40kg - 50 kg
L  50kg - 60 kg 



1.Please allow a little size error due to manual measurement.


2.Please be reminded that due to lighting effects and monitor


Note : Scalp will have cooling feel due to minty ingredient & ginseng extract