fire-free aromatherapy lamp crystal stone diffuser incense sleeping lamp with essential oil fragrance
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sizes of crystal stocks defers 

fire-free aromatherapy lamp crystal stone diffuser incense sleeping lamp household essential oil fragrance decoration gift box  

Red crystals are a symbol of energy, passion, and life. They can help motivate you and keep you determined. They have powerful vibrational energies that can emotionally excite you and give you a boost of energy, raising your enthusiasm levels.

Purple crystal meanings are all about spiritual energy. These stones help us connect with our mystical sides by strengthening our intuition and higher sense of self. They can also be wonderful tools for tapping into the divine realm of dreams to gain creative inspiration or spiritual guidance.

They will calm your nerves and ease your mind when you’re going through uncertain times. They will stop you from overthinking or from thinking negative thoughts

Charcoal Crystal is one of the most powerful crystals for anxiety, it will clear and cleanse energy blockages in your home and body (helping you to fall asleep more easily). absorbing negative energy and transforming it into positive energy. 

Green Crystal symbolizes the beauty of life, the abundance of nature, and the energies of nature. This crystal has the most restful color. ... This crystal will encourage balance, growth, harmony, and learning. 

The energies of Green crystal will attract good fortune and increase prosperity 

Pink Crystal Gentle, compassion-promoting, and emotionally-healing, pink stones are the great for bringing more love and kindness into your life. You can meditate with or carry a pink crystal when dealing with any matter that concerns forgiveness, romance, self-love, or love for others 





What's in the box

Crystal Stone  1x bag 

Wooden Base with USB wire  1x 

Glass Cup  1x 

Essential Oil 20ml 1x