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Brand Cute Sunlight
Size (L x W x H) 22 cm x 5.2 cm x 19 cm
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Educational toy has unique technology education selling point of the product
1. Knowledge, exploration and innovation
2. Ability to think independently and solve problems manually
3.This electronic boat children can learn about the mutual cooperation and interaction of mechanical transmission structures
4. Wind-up power boat it will help child understand the principle of motion and the transformation of power
5. Use this STEM toys they will understand the production and interaction of physical and mechanical power, electricity, solar energy, wind energy, and chemical energy, and mutual conversion to enhance children's understanding and exploration of physical, mechanical, chemical changes, and new energy power from an early age
6.Green Science Wind-up Generator boat is a hand-on learning experience that teaches the value of renewable energy,Build this amazing wind-up generator and learn about renewable energy

  • Unique design hand generator boat: This is a eco-friendly science and education product.Through learning and practice, we can master the energy conversion and energy conservation law systematically and comprehensively. STEM toys can be said that a small generator can create a future inventor. Helps develop children's manual brain power and creativity
  • Outdoor pool toys functions and features: Shake the handle to generate electricity, which can store electricity, The faster you turn the handle of the wind-up prower boat, the more power you generate, has a large storage capacity, lasts a long time . This is to use the saved electrical energy to drive the ship forward
  • Generator set of knowledge points to learn:Through learn the principles of cutting magnetic lines of force,the generation and storage of electricity, they can help children learn the concept of clean energy and practice the principle of cutting magnetic field lines to generate electricity and storing electricity. Let children learn how mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy, how electrical energy is stored, and how electrical energy is converted into mechanical energy
  • Environmental protection concept: This eco-friendly racing boat does not require any batteries. Rotating the handle will operate the motor,which generates electricity to charge the capacitor on board the car attached to generator unit.Children can witness the results first hand by detaching the car after charging it for 60 seconds or more, the boat travels for 2-3 minutes .Perfect size for swimming pool races
  • Educational subjects : Develop children's ability to solve problems and explore innovations during the manual brain process.Helps children build self-confidence and develop innovative thinking and intelligence
What's in the box

1x Wind-up Power Generator Set And One Boat.

1x User Manual